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Get Your Soil Healthy with NAKED Char

NAKED Char is the way to go and we’re not talking clothing optional. Because urban soil is predominately low in organic matter, it is unable to maintain an environment that is sustainable for plant and tree growth and that is where the American BioChar Company comes in. Unless you are regularly amending your soil with…

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Stop and Smell the Roses with VITAL Blend

VITAL Blend is the solution if your rose garden has been a disappointment for the past couple of years. VITAL Blend soil amendments produce more flowers, greener foliage, and lush plants by amending the soil that affects growth and production. When Do Roses Bloom? Roses grown today can bloom regularly throughout the rose growing season.…

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It’s Going to Be a Great Summer with American BioChar Company

American BioChar Company’s Dave Delello got to meet Hamlet the Owl, a rehabilitated Barred Owl, recently at the iLandscape Show.  Hamlet was at the show to represent the Oaken Acres Wildlife Center in Sycamore, Illinois. Didn’t get a chance to meet Dave in Illinois? You can still catch him at a few events happening this summer. Noteworthy…

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Let the Healing Begin with Vital Blend Soil Amendment

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Vital Blend Soil Amendment sequesters carbon and reduces your carbon footprint. This is extremely important in this day and age. Unlike the old days, soil doesn’t have the opportunity to rest. Soil that isn’t allowed to rest looses important minerals that help your garden grow. Simple and Pure Soil…

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Spring Salt Remediation for Damaged Landscaping

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time for salt remediation for your landscaping, trees and turf. Although you may still see some snowflakes in April, it’s doubtful that the streets will need to be salted making it the perfect time for salt remediation. Road salt, which is chloride based, is applied to sidewalks, driveways…

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Natural Synergy in Soil Microbiology and VITAL Blend soil amendment

Synergy This is the interaction between two or more components whose results are greater than the sum of their individual parts. A good example of synergy is how sea anemones are benefitted (and vice versa) by the presence of clownfish – each protecting the other. Another example is our bodies need for both vitamin D…

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The Best Soil Amendment for your Herb Garden

An organic soil amendment is the best thing to use for your herb garden, but unless you know exactly what is in the soil amendment you could actually be harming your newly planted dill, sage or basil. The American BioChar Company has the VITAL Blend Soil Amendment you need to grow healthy herbs that you…

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All Natural Organic Fertilizer Will Help Your Garden Grow

When it comes to all natural organic fertilizer, Ambiochar is what you need. Although fertilizing your landscaping is probably the last thing on your mind, now is the perfect time. Although it’s anyone’s guess how long winter will last getting your plants, shrubs, lawn and trees ready for the spring is one of the healthiest…

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Getting your Soil Ready for Spring

Getting your soil ready for spring is important, even it if is the middle of winter. According to Ambiochar, preparing your soil for your new garden is essential if you want to see the fruits of your labor. Your lawn, plants, and shrubs will have a tough enough time surviving the bitter chill of winter…

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