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VITAL Blend Soil Amendment

Combines pure activated BioChar with freshwater-sourced Humate

VITAL Blend 5M

A Liquid Blend of 5 micron-sized BioChar and Humate

Easy and Efficient

Apply VITAL Blend and other material using the Ecolawn self-propelled top-dresser

Remediate and Prevent

Salt damage on turf from de-icing techniques

VITAL Blend Improves Soil Health and Structure

A blended soil amendment that combines pure activated BioChar with freshwater-sourced Humate.

Perfect by itself or as a foundation for mixing with other products to improve plant growth. Easy to apply and applicators can use 40-60% less than other products; saving time, effort & money.

VITAL Blend adds fixed Carbon from the biochar and active Carbon from the humate to the soil. Additionally plants receive 55+ micronutrients and high concentrations of Humic and Fulvic acids.

Be Green  ~  Be Sustainable ~  Be Eco-Smart ~  Be Healthy


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