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The Science of Soil Amendments

All our natural, OMRI Listed soil amendment products are 100% organic, plant-derived, and sustainably made. Our goal is to promote healthy soil communities that will help improve nutrient availability for plants.

We offer VITAL Blend soil amendment (in granular and liquid form) and activated BioChar and Humates individually. For our VITAL Blend; we generously charge the Biochar with the Humate to create an exceptional soil amendment that improves even the most impoverished soils.


Nature + Science


Our BioChar is a high quality Fixed Carbon that excels in its porosity and stability and our Humates (humic and fulvic acids) are a rich source of Active Carbon that is necessary for healthy plant life. The Active Carbon in our Humates provides macro- & micronutrients, chelates important minerals, and is a high-energy food source for soil microbes. The Fixed Carbon in our BioChar creates a “soil reef” for microbes, attracts & retains water (hygroscopic), and will remain in the soil for over 600 years.


Comes from Nature


Our BioChar is produced from single-sourced, renewable feedstock by high heat, fast pyrolysis and activated as a final step. We use freshwater-sourced Humate that is derived from naturally occurring humic shale (ancient, decomposed plant life) making it immediately bioavailable to soil biota.


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VITAL Blend Soil Amendment

VITAL Blend Soil Amendment
VITAL Blend Soil Amendment

Activated BioChar charged with freshwater-sourced Humate

Totes (2.0 CY), 1.5 cf bags (approx. 42 lbs), 6 gallon (1 cf), 2 gallon (.33 cf)

VITAL Blend Soil Amendment is a granular blend of activated BioChar and freshwater-sourced Humate. We charge our BioChar with the Humate for a perfect combination - it is foundational; effective by itself or blended with composts, fertilizers, or other mixtures.

The BioChar is USDA Certified Biobased and the Humate (ACTIV80 AG from Black Earth) is OMRI Listed and the blend has a pH value of just below 7.0 - perfect for soil nutrient availability. The Biochar increases the soil’s porosity and the Humate provides nutrients and high energy food for the soil microbes.

These two ingredients create an all-natural, organic soil enhancer that is so concentrated – its application rate is 50-60% less than compared to other similar products on the market – saving time, effort, & money.

We sell by volume, not weight because weight can vary due to water content - so you get what you paid for.

VITAL Blend 5M

VITAL Blend 5M
VITAL Blend 5M

Liquid blend of 5 micron-sized BioChar charged with Humate

Totes (250 gal.), 2.5 gallon, 1 gallon, half gallon (64 oz.)

VITAL Blend 5M is a blended liquid, combining 5 micron-sized BioChar charged with liquid Humate. Use our liquid blend alone or combine it with other liquid products for improved results. As an addition to fertilizer programs; the Humate is an excellent natural surfactant that improves the plants ability to assimilate nutrients in the soil.

The liquid blend is perfect for turf and lawn sprays, on large planting beds, in tree care programs, and with agricultural fertigation. The 5 micron-sized BioChar will not damage spray equipment and the blend is designed for companies who prefer liquid spray application instead of granular.

For example; a 2.5 gallon container of VITAL Blend 5M (concentrate) can easily cover 2-3 acres of turf and field.

We sell by volume, not weight because weight can vary due to water content - so you get what you paid for.



Pure activated BioChar from single-sourced feedstock

Totes (2 CY), 1.5 cf bags (approx. 20 lbs)

NAKED Char is pure activated BioChar, made from renewable Southern Yellow Pine species through a high heat, no oxygen pyrolysis and a final unique step that activates and exposes the internal surface areas of the fixed carbon. It is OMRI Listed and IBI Certified.

It is well established that intact wood feedstock creates the highest quality of BioChar because it creates a very porous, structurally stable product and has a half-life of more than 600 years.

It is very useful for improving soil structure, especially by creating pore space in the soil for water, air, living space for microbes and storage space for food and nutrients. The generous porosity helps with reducing fertilizer loss (leaching) and remediates contaminants such as heavy metals, petroleum, and excess salts.

We sell by volume, not weight because weight can vary due to water content - so you get what you paid for.

HUMATE Granular & Liquid

Humic 12% repack pic

Freshwater-sourced, plant-derived Humate

Granular in Totes (1.33 CY), 1.13 cf bags (approx. 50 lbs), Liquid in 2.5 gallon containers (concentrate)

HUMATE Granular & Liquid are both OMRI Listed. The origin of our Humate is freshwater-sourced ancient plant life that has been decomposed for thousands of years, making it immediately bioavailable to soil microbiology and plants. Both our granular (ACTIV80 AG) and liquid (ACTIV12) products come from Black Earth.

The plant-derived Humate delivers more than 55+ micronutrients, enzymes, minerals, fulvic/humic/ulmic acids, amino acids and natural biostimulants. Humate is an organic surfactant (wetting agent) and the fulvic acid is a natural chelator, helping plants easily assimilate nutrients.

Our Granular Humate has 80% Humic Acids and excels in removing contaminants and reducing soil compaction.

Our Liquid Humate has 12% Humic Acid and enhances liquid fertilizer applications and quickly improves plant response (by providing an Active Carbon food source to the soil microbes).

We sell by volume, not weight because weight can vary due to water content - so you get what you paid for.