"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"


American BioChar Company believes that
“The Beauty Above comes from the Science Below”

This means that the natural beauty and fertility of the plants we see above ground are the result of a healthy, active soil below ground.

We are motivated by the fact that most urban soils are low in organic matter and micronutrients. In fact, “the world’s cultivated soils have lost between 50-70% of their original carbon stock (Rattan Lal, Ohio University).” We recognize that soil and plant interactions need more than just inorganic additions for sustainable growth conditions.

Mark and Laurie Mann of Plant Growth Management Systems

To this end, we have created a soil amendment called  VITAL Blend; that provides both Active and Fixed Carbon to the soil. It will improve soil structure, promote soil biology, and enhance plant growth.

American BioChar Company emerged from a collaborative effort between its distributive company, Plant Growth Management Systems and its manufacturing partner, Waste To Energy, Inc.

Since 1999, Mark Mann of Plant Growth Management Systems has been working to improve urban soil and root conditions for trees. He searched for quality fixed carbon and created amendment protocols for turf, trees, landscape, and agriculture.

Our quality activated carbon is provided by James D. Murphy of Waste To Energy, a company that has been providing USDA Certified Biobased BioChar throughout the U.S for over 30 years.

Our solution to improving soils is VITAL Blend soil amendment.

The Science of CARBON is found in our combination of ACTIVE Carbon from the plant-derived humate and FIXED Carbon from the activated biochar. The result of healthy soil communities is the beauty of healthy plant development.

“The Beauty Above comes from the Science Below”