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The Best Soil Amendment for your Herb Garden

An organic soil amendment is the best thing to use for your herb garden, but unless you know exactly what is in the soil amendment you could actually be harming your newly planted dill, sage or basil. The American BioChar Company has the VITAL Blend Soil Amendment you need to grow healthy herbs that you can enjoy year round.

The amazing blended soil amendment combines freshwater-sourced Humate with pure activated BioChar. Perfect on its own or with other products as a foundation for plant grown improvement, BioChar is affordable and easy to use. In fact, BioChar uses up to 60 percent less than other products of its kind.

Your herb garden will thank you for the VITAL BLEND mix that contains fixed Carbon from the BioChar and the active Carbon from Humate to the soil. In addition, your pineapple sage, mint, and dill will receive more than 55 micronutrients with high concentrations of Fulvic and Humic acids.

Going green has never been easier. Thanks to BioChar, you can say goodbye to those spray on chemicals from your local DIY. BioChar is produced from renewable feedstock with high heat. Using fresh water sourced Humate derived from humic shale, which is decomposed ancient plant life; your herb garden will thrive with all natural soil additives.

When it comes to your herb garden, you want to use the most natural products available. You really are what you eat and if you are throwing chemically laden soil amendments on your herbs, you will be consuming them as well.

Don’t use chemical amendments. They are bad for your plants and bad for you and your family. Order your VITAL BLEND Mix, Naked Char, or Humate today. Your herbs will thank you for it and so will your body.

Order your products today and start feeding your herbs the healthy way with BioChar.

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