"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

Natural Synergy in Soil Microbiology and VITAL Blend soil amendment


This is the interaction between two or more components whose results are greater than the sum of their individual parts. A good example of synergy is how sea anemones are benefitted (and vice versa) by the presence of clownfish – each protecting the other. Another example is our bodies need for both vitamin D and calcium for strong bones; a deficiency in either could lead to soft bones or skeletal deformities.

But my favorite is the awesome Lichen

The lichen is a biological partnership (symbiosis) between a fungus and an algae – although recently scientists have suggested that it is not two but three partners, the third being a yeast-like fungus. The living arrangement between these organisms makes thriving, not just surviving, possible in harsher environments.


I found this quote 1 by Purdue mycologist M. Catherine Aime, about the lichen revelation –

These yeasts comprise a whole lineage that no one knew existed, and yet they are in a variety of lichens on every continent as a third symbiotic partner. This is an excellent example of how things can be hidden right under our eyes and why it is crucial that we keep studying the microbial world.

That last sentence struck a chord in me.

The unseen, unappreciated world within the top 6-8 inches below our feet has been hidden right under our eyes. What is beneath our feet is not made up of dirt, but of living soil comprised of bacteria (decomposers, mutualists, pathogens, & chemoautotrophs), fungi (including mycorrhizae), protozoans (including amoebas, ciliates, & flagellates), nematodes, arthropods (bugs!), and earthworms (more than 7000 species). 2

Soils are a perfect example of synergy with multiple parts (all the soil biota) that together create a medium for growing crops, grass, trees and other landscape plants. The problem is most soils are not healthy, but you can change that by incorporating our VITAL Blend soil amendment (blended BioChar & Humate). The pores in our activated BioChar act as a “soil reef” that provide storage space for food, water, air and living space for microbes. The Active Carbon in our Humate provides high-energy food for the soil microbiology.


For healthier soil and healthier plants – start with our VITAL Blend because the Beauty above comes from the Science below. Call or email us for more information regarding our VITAL Blend soil amendment today.


1.) Quoted from a post at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2016/07/22/lichen-is- a-famous- biological-partnership- but-it- might-actually-be-a- threesome/?utm_term=.7f81f55a9909
2.) Summarized from the NRCS website at https://www.nrcs.usda.gov/wps/portal/nrcs/detailfull/soils/health/biology/?cid=nrcs142p2_053862

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