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Getting your Soil Ready for Spring

Getting your soil ready for spring is important, even it if is the middle of winter. According to Ambiochar, preparing your soil for your new garden is essential if you want to see the fruits of your labor.

Your lawn, plants, and shrubs will have a tough enough time surviving the bitter chill of winter much less  getting your soil ready for spring. Without proper soil preparation, you are making it even harder for your landscaping to come through in the end.

Although you may live in a cold climate that is subject to regular freezes, talk to Ambiochar about watering. Depending on where you live, you may still need to water your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants. If it’s above freezing, consider watering every three or four weeks to keep the soil moist.

If you follow the Ambiochar Blog, you will know that best time to fertilize is during the fall. However, you didn’t miss your opportunity if you forgot to fertilize your lawn, plants, shrubs, and trees. Ask Ambiochar about an effective fertilizer that will keep your root system safe and nutrient rich. This will help encourage growth leaving you with less dead leaves and branches and more spring growth.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s imperative that you winterize your sprinkler system if you are concerned about getting your soil ready for spring. Blow it out as soon as you can if you haven’t already damaged your system from the first winter freeze. Ask Ambiochar about helping you winterize your sprinkler system to avoid damage. A broken pipe can lead to all sorts of problems, including a flooded basement.

Keeping your soil fertilized and your landscaping healthy during the winter months doesn’t have to be difficult, and it won’t be when you order your products from Ambiochar.

Let Ambiochar take the guesswork out of getting your soil ready for spring with organic products that will help your garden grow. Order your Ambiochar products now.

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