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Keep Your Soil Healthy During Winter with Ambiochar

Ambiochar is the effective way to nurture and nourish your soil giving your plants, trees, shrubs and grass a healthy base, and even though the soil temperature will drop during the winter and go into hibernation so to speak, there are still some things you can do during the colder months to help your soil.

Don’t Cultivate

According to Ambiochar, one of the reasons your soil will feel loose at the end of the season is because it has some of the summer crop of mycelium and fungal hyphae that will rot throughout the winter along with the weeds and the veggies left behind. Leave it alone until spring as your soil is prepping itself for cultivation in a few months.

Use Your Mulch

Those leaves in your front and back yard are great for protecting your soil from the winter months, but there are many other materials that will work just as good including wood chips. Wood chips are quite popular and are very good when it comes to winter mulch.

Don’t Forget about Winter Cover Crops

Many plants that can survive the cold, such as winter grains, can help protect your soil from harmful erosion while developing large root systems that help increase the organic matter content. Cutting back to ground level in the spring will help winter peas, hair vetch and hardy legume prepare your soil for the next crop.

Under Cover Compost

Garden beds that lay vacant all winter until spring has sprung can be loaded with compost before cultivation. Cover with a blanket or a cover tunnel as it helps the bed benefit from the compost. The old blanket also helps moderate moisture.

Keep your soil healthy this winter with these tips and organic soil enhancements from Ambiochar. It really will make a difference to how your garden grows.

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