"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

Let the Healing Begin with Vital Blend Soil Amendment

Proudly manufactured in the United States, Vital Blend Soil Amendment sequesters carbon and reduces your carbon footprint. This is extremely important in this day and age.

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Unlike the old days, soil doesn’t have the opportunity to rest. Soil that isn’t allowed to rest looses important minerals that help your garden grow.

Simple and Pure Soil Amendment

Vital Blend is 100 percent organic and contains simple ingredients. Unlike those soil amendments that you will find at your local DIY store, Vital Blend Soil Amendment has ingredients that you can pronounce.

The Vital Blend Soil Amendment is sustainably made and plant derived. You can depend on AmbioChar to provide you with soil communities that will improve your soil.

Available in both liquid and granular form, AmbioChar uses Humates individually to create a soil amendment like no other on the planet. Vital Blend Soil Amendment is charged with both Humate and Biochar, which can also help your impoverished soils.

Because BioChar is a fixed carbon that is porous and stable, you can expect healthier plants. The Active Carbon in the Humates from Vital Blend Soil Amendment provides a high-energy food source that your soil, and plants, will love. Best of all, the Fixed Carbon in the BioChar builds a, “Soil Reef,” for microbes that will retain and attract water for well over 600 years.

Produced from renewable feedstock while using fast pyrolysis and high heat, Vital Blend Soil Amendment is created using freshwater-sourced Humate. The Humate is derived from humic shale, which is ancient decomposed plant life that occurs naturally. Consequently, this makes it bioavailble immediately helping your soil heal.

If your soil has seen better days, the Vital Blend Soil Amendment can help. All you have to do is place an order.

Not sure what Vital Blend Soil Amendment can do for you? Call or click and talk to a representative from AmbioChar today who can help you understand why it helps your garden grow.

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