"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

My Side Of The Fence Really IS Greener

The yard at my rental home was nothing more than weeds and patchy grasses popping up intermittently around the basically bare dirt property.  As an employee of the American BioChar Company, I decided to start a “docu-blog” to share the results after applying my company’s VITAL Blend 5M to my property. I have included a gallery of pictures that documents the results.

Preparing for the Application

To prepare for the Vital Blend application, my boyfriend and I spent the prior weekend pulling some of the weeds and filling in the deep holes with soil.  Then we seeded the property and took the initial picture (picture 1).

Mark Mann, the CEO and co-owner of the American BioChar Company and creator of VITAL Blend soil amendment, came to my home and made an assessment of my lawn on Saturday, May 6th, 2017.  After which, he applied liquid VITAL Blend 5M to both the front and the back of my property (picture 2).   The results are drastic and much more than I initially expected.

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4






Within the first 4 weeks (pictures 3-6), we were experiencing growth, but it was slow and the grass was still greener on the other side.  At this point, I was considering using a fertilizer to expedite some growth but I held off on adding anything additional to the VITAL Blend application because I know it takes time for the carbon and humate to actually make their way down into the soil to start working.

Picture #5

Picture #6

Picture #7

Picture #8







I am so glad that I held off on any fertilizing so that I could see the actual results. At week 6, we were still dealing with some weeds (picture 7).  The bare areas were beginning to fill in and it was obvious that the humate was still working the soil! Between weeks 6 and 8; my lawn made an impressive transformation. We went from envying the neighbor’s lawn to now competing on which lawn looked best. All of the bare spots had completely filled in within a 6 to 10 week period. The grasses have thickened so much so that they have kicked out any stubborn weeds that we were having trouble getting rid of (picture 8). We are looking forward to the fall and what the yard will look like next year.


Guest Blogger: Jessica Thiel
Utility Field Manger Extraordinaire, Unconventional Thinker, and owner of a Big Heart