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Spring Salt Remediation for Damaged Landscaping

salt remediation

Spring has sprung and that means it’s time for salt remediation for your landscaping, trees and turf.

Although you may still see some snowflakes in April, it’s doubtful that the streets will need to be salted making it the perfect time for salt remediation.

Road salt, which is chloride based, is applied to sidewalks, driveways and roadways melting the snow and ice while providing safety to pedestrians and motorists. The compounds are applied before and during storms where snow is expected to fall. The salt forms brine dissolving the ice while preventing more from accumulating. Deicing salt is sometimes mixed with sand, sawdust, gravel, and cinders to improve traction.

VITAL Blend soil amendment prevents salt damage to trees, turf and landscape caused by salting the streets during the winter when deicing occurs. You will most likely see damage alongside parking lots and on the edges of sidewalks where deicing is used to prevent any nasty accidents.

The activated BioChar in VITAL Blend adsorbs the problem ions, including NA+, Mg++, and CI-. The ingredients in VITAL Blend help reduce the drought like response that is brought on by excess salt in the soil. VITAL Blend’s Humate component buffers the soil while improving its percolation. This helps flush any salts that were not, “captured,” by BioChar. Both ingredients in the BioChar VITAL Blend help to re-establish soil microbe populations while improving the growth of the plant.

American BioChar recommends that you use VITAL Blend for salt remediation in the fall for preventive measures and the spring to reduce the damaging effects that were caused by deicing.

All winter long, roadside vegetation has been overly exposed to salt. The deicing compounds contained in the salt run off the pavement dissolving the salts into your landscaping. If plants are exposed to excessive salt, the affected foliage could drop too soon or scorch. In severe cases the plant can even die.

This spring help your landscaping with VITAL Blend soil amendment for salt remediation. It really will make a difference.

Order your VITAL Blend soil amendment for salt remediation today.

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