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Stop and Smell the Roses with VITAL Blend


VITAL Blend is the solution if your rose garden has been a disappointment for the past couple of years.

VITAL Blend soil amendments produce more flowers, greener foliage, and lush plants by amending the soil that affects growth and production.


When Do Roses Bloom?

Roses grown today can bloom regularly throughout the rose growing season. However, old rose gardens and those beautiful climbing roses only bloom annually. According to American BioChar Company, roses that bloom regularly are known as “Repeat” bloomers. If your grandmother’s rose garden is only blooming every other year, it probably has something to do with the soil.

Rose Garden Care with VITAL Blend

Good soil is the foundation for healthy plants. With VITAL Blend, your soil will be replenished with much needed minerals that have been depleted over time.  You can reduce the amount of fertilizer used as well, the pores in the BioChar will stop the fertilizer from leaching past the plant’s roots.

American BioChar Company recommends that you water your roses with an inch of water on a weekly basis throughout the growing season. You may have even better results if you water at the soil line with soaker hoses.

Feed your soil with VITAL Blend to improve the nutrients in your soil. Available in both liquid and granular form, the soil amendment uses Biochar and Humates that contain 100 percent organic plant-derived ingredients that are sustainably made.

How VITAL Blend Works

You need to nourish the soil.  The Fixed Carbon in BioChar creates a soil reef that retains and holds water and it will remain in your soil for well over 600 years. The Humate conditions the soil and helps make nutrients available to the roses.  As a result, your roses or garden will prosper.

Healthy roses look beautiful in early summer; however, it is imperative that you take proper care of your blooms and your soil. You may be obsessive about pruning but if you are not nourishing your soil, your blooms will not be as abundant next season.

Order your VITAL Blend soil amendment today so that you really can, “Stop and smell the roses.”

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