"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

Get Your Soil Healthy with NAKED Char


NAKED Char is the way to go and we’re not talking clothing optional.

Because urban soil is predominately low in organic matter, it is unable to maintain an environment that is sustainable for plant and tree growth and that is where the American BioChar Company comes in.

Unless you are regularly amending your soil with natural ingredients, your urban soil probably isn’t thriving as it should. As a result, your plant life will suffer.

Your Soil will Love Going NAKED with Biochar


Essential microorganisms encourage growth. Plants, shrubs, trees, bushes, and lawns thrive with activated biochar that not only increases water holding capacity and fertilizer efficiency, but also increases nutrient retention. NAKED Char, from the American BioChar Company, also increases pore space in the soil while reducing soil compaction.

5 Reasons NAKED Char is the Best Biochar

  1. NAKED Char is made from single-sourced, recycled wood. Less effective biochars are full of impurities and are made from numerous questionable materials.
  2. NAKED Char is produced through complete pyrolysis, it is faster and at a higher temperature, than other inferior biochars.  As a result, NAKED Char has a higher carbon content and the ash percentage is lower.
  3. The wood feedstock used in making NAKED Char produces very porous biochar. Other feedstock used with other products results in poor adsorption and low porosity.
  4. With a minimum of 20% moisture content, it naturally supports the pores during shipping. Other biochar products are too dry (hydrophobic), making those amendments unsuitable for use.
  5.  Every plant starts with healthy soil. Healthy soil comes from using NAKED Char.

Sustainability begins with healthy soil. Unfortunately, most soils do not contain the nutrients needed to make your garden grow or anything else for that matter. It takes a natural soil amendment to maintain sustainability and healthy growth.

Order your NAKED Char from the American BioChar Company today because the Beauty Above comes from the Science Below.


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