"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

Improving Tree Survivability along the Razorback Greenway Part I

VITAL Blend was used during the transplanting of approximately 450 trees last year along the Razorback Regional Greenway in Arkansas. The Razorback Regional Greenway is a 36-mile, primarily off-road, shared-use trail that extends from the Bella Vista Trail in north Bentonville to south Fayetteville.1

The purpose for using the soil amendment was to increase the survivability of the transplanted trees over a longer period of time and to improve the soil’s condition to support the young tree’s growth.  In many urban settings, a high percentage of newly planted trees do not survive after the first few years. In fact urban trees rarely reach an average age of 7-10 years.  American BioChar Company knows that one of the biggest factors in this issue is the condition of the soil, which prompted the creation of VITAL Blend soil amendment.

Expected Results in Clayey Soil

Results of adding the VITAL Blend mixture to the soil around the trees include minimizing the heavy clay’s tendency to become compacted and reduce water percolation. The Humate portion of the blend will allow more water and air to exist in the clayey soil by helping flocculate (clumping) and create soil aggregates (macro-pores). The BioChar creates a soil habitation (soil reef) for the microbial populations.  For example, some research has shown flagellate populations, which facilitate in reducing soil compaction, have been increased by approximately 5000%.

Kenny Cyr, Allison Litchy, Patti Erwin, and Dave Delello

Taking the Initiative

The Walton Family Foundation’s arborist, Patti Erwin, organized the initiative after recognizing the correlation between healthy trees and healthy soils. The Walton Family Foundation  advocated for and supported the development of trails and greenways in Northwest Arkansas.2   For more information about the Greenway can be found at www.nwatrails.org/trail/razorback-regional-greenway/ .

The next blog, Planting Trees along the Razorback Greenway Part II, will provide more planting details about the 450 Greenway trees – including specifics on mixing rates and applying the VITAL Blend soil amendment in and around the tree’s root ball.


For healthier soil and healthier plants – start with our VITAL Blend soil amendment because the Beauty above comes from the Science below. Call or email us for more information regarding our VITAL Blend soil amendments today.

1 & 2  cited from the Razorback Regional Greenway website