"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

NAKED Char’s amazing amount of Surface Area

Just one cubic foot of our biochar, NAKED Char, increases surface area within the soil by over 550 acres.  The amazing amount of surface area is due to two things: wood feedstock and fast, high temperature pyrolysis.  We have been telling people how porous our NAKED Char is and it’s been validated by scientific data.  The surface area of our biochar was calculated from the butane gas activity test done by Control Laboratories (ID# 8080739-02).

Because we start with wood feedstock; our biochar produces a huge amount of pores and the amount of surface area is directly related to porosity. NAKED Char is produced by fast, high temperature pyrolysis – creating a clean, completely processed biochar – no residual oils, resins, or solids obstructing the pores.

Nooks & Crannies

Higher porosity equals more storage for air and water, more living space for soil microbiology, and more contaminant removal. Both of our soil amendments, NAKED Char (pure biochar) and VITAL Blend (blend of biochar & humate), will increase the available active sites in the soil for cation exchange and fertilizer retention.  

What causes the increased biological activity in the soil after adding biochar?  Russ Bodie from The Smart Group, www.thesmartgroupinc.com, points to a quote from the 2017 SOC Global Symposium report, “The microscopic surface is where all the action happens in the soil… biochar provides nooks and crannies for soil microbes and enzymes.”  More nooks and crannies mean more biological activity.

NAKED Char is IBI Certified

The International BioChar Initiative (IBI) https://biochar-international.org has created a Certification Program that requires a prescribed set of tests for analyzing and comparing different types of biochar. Some of the results from the test data include moisture level, organic carbon %, pH value, particle size distribution, metal levels and butane activity/surface area correlation.  IBI Certification assures buyers that our biochar surpasses set standards and safety tests.

For healthier soil and healthier plants – start with our NAKED Char or VITAL Blend because the Beauty Above comes from the Science Below. Please Call or email us for more information regarding our soil amendments today.

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