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VITAL Blend improved Hops yield in Michigan

In early 2017, we applied VITAL Blend granular and VITAL Blend 5M liquid soil amendments to young hop plants in a couple of rows on Bell’s Brewery demo plot. The plantings were done near the Kalamazoo location of Bell’s Brewery.

We top-dressed the granular applications near the base of the plants and then used a backpack unit filled with the VITAL Blend 5M liquid to saturate the soil around other plants. Our granular and liquid soil amendments contain pure biochar and freshwater-sourced humates that promote healthy microbiomes and enhance the organic matter in soils.

At harvest time, it was very clear which plants received the soil amendments compared to the untreated hops.  The treated hops plants were more robust; they had darker leaves and larger strobiles (flower heads). This is similar to what we are seeing in other crops, such as Blueberries, Green Peppers, Chestnuts and Potatoes.

Hops Bine treated with VITAL Blend

Did You Know:

  • Hops, Hemp and Cannabis are related and are part of the Cannabaceae family.
  • Hops are traditionally used as an herbal remedy and a main ingredient in beer.
  • The plant part used in brewing beer is the flower head (called strobile)
  • Healthy Hops will grow vertically upward by as much as 25 feet or more
  • The Hop vine is actually called a “bine” and it has stiff hairs (not tendrils)
  • The bine grows vertically in a CLOCKWISE direction
  • New plants start from rhizomes and Hops are a perennial

BTW – my favorite beer from Bell’s Brewery is the Amber Ale and Mark’s favorite is the Two Hearted Ale.

For healthier soil and healthier plants – start with our VITAL Blend because the Beauty above comes from the Science below. Call or email us for more information regarding our VITAL Blend soil amendment today.