"The Beauty Above Comes From The Science Below"

VITAL Blend for Healthy Soils and Vigorous Plants

VITAL Blend is a soil amendment that combines pure activated BioChar with freshwater-sourced Humates. Our Humate is OMRI Listed and our BioChar is USDA Certified Biobased. By using VITAL Blend, you will create healthier crops, turf, trees & landscape plants, enhance soils by increasing soil microbe populations, and reduce your carbon footprint.

What is Humate?

Humate is the purest form of natural organic matter on the planet. The freshwater-sourced Humate from VITAL Blend has humic and fulvic acids, high amounts of Active Carbon, and over 55 micronutrients. It is derived from naturally produced humic shale.

What is BioChar?

Activated BioChar is Fixed Carbon that remains after biomass goes through pyrolysis (high heat, no oxygen). Our BioChar also goes through an activation step, which opens up the pores and greatly increases the available surface area. The resulting Biochar is 97% carbon with very little ash and lasts longer than 600 years.

Plants for Plants

VITAL Blend is made from plants for plants. The Humate is derived from ancient decomposed freshwater plants and is a natural surfactant (wetting agent). Our activated BioChar is produced from a single- sourced feedstock; recycled Southern Yellow Pine species. Intact wood is considered superior feedstock for biochar production and creates a highly porous, structurally stable carbon.

Healthy Soils make Healthy Plants

Soils are a thriving community that benefit from the addition of VITAL Blend. The pores in activated BioChar act as a “soil reef” that provide storage space for food, water, air and living space for microbes. The Active Carbon in our Humate provides high-energy food for the soil fauna. Healthier soils do a better job at cycling nutrients and water for plants.

Plants benefit from the BioChar’s hygroscopic characteristic–attracting and retaining water around the rhizosphere. The high water holding capacity helps plants during drought-like conditions. Humates are natural chelators; helping plants to easily assimilate minerals bound up in the soil.

Less Time and Money

Less means more; you will need less fertilizer, less watering, less bulk, less time, and less money. Because VITAL Blend is highly concentrated, the application rate is 50-60% less compared to other similar soil enhancers and amendments.

Did You Know?

VITAL Blend is very effective in:

  • Remediating and/or preventing winter deicing (salt) damage
  • Removing heavy metal or petroleum contaminants
  • Reducing compaction in soils, including athletic fields
  • Enhancing seed germination and increasing grass root depth
  • Increasing brix values in garden and agricultural crops

For healthier soil and healthier plants – start with our VITAL Blend because the Beauty above comes from the Science below. Call or email us for more
information regarding our VITAL Blend soil amendment today.